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The fastest way to get your critical path planning information

  • easely discover your planning's critical path
  • export to PDF of CSV for later use
  • simply drag your activities to create a planning
  • works in your browser, even on your iPad( * system requirements )
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Online editor, available everywhere via internet;

Work fast

Easy editing, create a network plan and critical path in just a few clicks;

A powerful solution

Create PERT-networks, Gantt-charts, subnetworks, add cost, calculate backwards and more...;

Cross platform

Works in every modern browser, even on your favorite touch devices!*;

Critical Path Plan

If you need to determine the date at which a project will be finished, you have to set up a timetable in which all activities are included that are needed to establish the project

The best project plan is an activity network plan. A network plan visualizes very transparently the dependencies between the activities and the critical path of the project. The
form is very easy to understand.

Moreover, a network plan yields a significantly shorter duration of a project than the use of traditional tools as Gantt Charts.

Effective plan

An effective project plan should be comprehensive, understandable, appropriate for changes and suitable for verification. The Critical Path Method Support Tool (CPMST)
supports the creation and modification of an activity network planning. CPMST is very user- friendly and it takes little effort to create an activity network plan. It is the dream
tool for every project manager!
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System requirements :
CPMST uses the latest HTML5 techniques and thus requires a modern browser: Internet Explorer 9 or above, the latest version of FireFox, Chrome or Safari browser. This application also works on mobile devices, such as iPad, Android based tablets.