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The fastest way to get your critical path planning information


The Critical Path Method Support Tool (CPMST) supports project managers in their efforts to design high quality plans. CPMST is fast and easy to use.
The basics concepts of CPMST are twofold: the Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) and the Critical Path Method (CPM). Combining the essence of these approaches has led to creation of a unique, highly effective and efficient tool for project managers. The creation of an activity network plan has never been easier!

CPMST supports the creation of an activity network plan in which an arrow visualizes an activity and a small circle visualizes a node, indicating the start and end of an activity. Connecting all activities by their dependencies results in the shape of a network.

CPMST simplifies and supports the design of an elegant network plan in a very user-friendly way. Adding activities, specifying duration, costs and connecting activities to a network are easily and quickly achieved. Calculating the critical path is literally a matter of clicking a button. Once created, the network can easily be modified and exported into various formats such as PDF, XLS and CSV (comma-separated values).

CPMST provides a unique boost to effective and efficient planning. As project manager you will arrive at high quality schedules in a fraction of the time you are used to.

Please note that CPMST is not a 'finished product'. Our aim is to continually improve its functionality and quality and to add new features as you, the user, provide us with feedback. You are invited to share your view on CPMST. Please inform us about the features you 'need to have' or 'would like to have'.