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The fastest way to get your critical path planning information

How does it work?

The use of CPMST is extremely simple:
  1. You set up your account by filling in your personal data.
  2. You then create your activity network plan.

To create a network, you will need to follow these next steps:

Goals & results
  1. Understand the reason / background of the project and describe the goals in writing.
  2. Specify the scope of the project and the required end results. A very powerful approach to refine that scope is to organize a series of brainstorming sessions in which key stakeholders participate.
  1. Identify the activities required for the achievement of the project results. Specify for each activity the person responsible for its execution, the required resources, the costs involved and the estimated duration of each activity. Add these data to CPMST. This step yields the best results when all parties involved in the creation of the project results participate in the identification and specification and one person is made responsible for the inputting of the data in CPMST.
  2. Build your activity network by connecting the activities based on their dependencies; e.g. activity C can only start if A and B are ready. Order the activities by dragging and dropping. Validate your network by checking all dependencies.
  3. Let CPMST calculate the critical path in your activity network by clicking the button. CPMST will show the critical path.
  1. Specify the desired scheduling method (forwards or backwards in time) and the valid working days, and CPMST will calculate the project schedule.
  2. Evaluate the results and repeat previous steps until the desired result is achieved. Finally, save your CPMST activity network planning and export it (PDF, XLS of CSV-formats).

Subscribers are provided with a user manual.